The Mongol Discovery Tour

An exciting discovery tour that loops south to north Mongolia. Few spots available in the small group scheduled for 


June 12-27th, 2021

Mongolia Travel Guide


 Mongolia should be on your bucket list for 2021


Mongolia is a hidden gem in the heart of central Asia: a dynamic blend of nomadic culture, splendid nature, and rich history. If you aspire for  once-in-a lifetime adventure, traveling off the beaten paths, spending quality times in the most unspoiled nature, begin planning your Mongolia trip today with Magnificent Mongolia.  We are committed to making your holiday in Mongolia safer, easier, and rather authentic! 


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According to NY times, Mongolia is one of 52 destinations to visit in 2020. Learn about Mongolian culture, tradition, history, landscape, climate etc


Getting to Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country, thus the major ways to reach Mongolia are via air or land.




Mongolia is the 18th largest country in the world which explains that there are so much to explore. Check out the most popular destinations here.

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Find out whether you need a visa to Mongolia. If yes, what docs are required?


Traditional Festivals

Exotic Mongolian festivals incorporating peculiar activities such as eagle-hunting, archery, horse riding, wrestling, and yak/camel polo etc.

Beach Tour

Tour groups in 2020

Join small tour groups and save some money while making friends all over the world.

Mongolia Travel Guide

Mongolia Tour Packages

What would you like to see in Mongolia? The eagle hunters  in the splendid snow-capped mountains of the west, the Tsaatan tribe who herd reindeer for their livings in the North, the dinosaur fossils in the south-Gobi desert, the beautiful nomadic culture all across the Central, and the hometown of the world's most powerful leader- Chingis Khaan in the East. The Magnificent Mongolia Team operates varieties of tours all around Mongolia- cultural, adventure and tailor-made etc. 

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Luxury Plan

Select comfortable accommodation and feel luxury in the middle of nowhere!

- Stay at tourist camps

- Hot shower, bathroom

- Wi-Fi and electricity

- Comfortable beds

- Restaurant meal(EU/AS/ MN)

Choose budget-friendly accommodation & spend less!

- Stay at local ger guesthouses

- Home stays with nomads

- Stay in tent

- Closer experiences with locals

   & nature

Budget plan

Half Budget+ Half lux? Available on request!

Tour groups

- Join groups and save money

- Suited for individual travelers

- Make international friends

- Get advice from fellow travelers

- No need to plan itineraries

- Min 2 and max 16 people

-  Select your tour dates

- Enjoy the personalized service 

   from your private guide &     


- Customize daily schedules

- Plenty of space in the tour         


Private tour

What makes us stand out 


You are in the hands of top  travel experts in Mongolia!


Well designed plans that best suit your needs!


Easy and safe booking!



An award winning 24/7 customer service!


Quality service at an affordable price!

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