The Camel Festival

One can not imagine Mongolian Gobi without its  main inhabitant- the Bactrian two humped camel.  Camel is one of the most productive livestock for the Mongolian nomads as it can be used for its wool, meat, milk and as a transportation. Plus, camels do not require much care; they are resistant to any type of harsh weather. However, the population of the bactrian two humped camels decreased in the last decade. A non- government organization  organized the camel festival for the firs time in 1997 in order to protect and raise the population of the two humped camels. Since then, It has been successfully celebrated annually, and has become the favorite event for the locals as well as the international travelers.

During the camel festival, many programs are organized such as camel race, camel polo, cultural performance like traditional songs and dances by the  local bands.

Mongolian nomads from near and far regions dress up in their best costumes and bring their best camels for the festival. It is usually held in Bulgan sum, Umnu-Gobi province.  Last year, the festival was registered in Guinness record as the  "999 camel festival".

Despite  the cold weather in March, the festival is a must see for foreigners . If you are interested in a tour to Camel festival, click here.

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