The Naadam 

Naadam is the biggest and yet the most favorite holiday of Mongolians. The sports played during the holiday are known as the "three manly games" - horse riding, archery, and wrestling. 

The Ice Festival

Winter in Mongolia could be cold but incredibly beautiful. Visiting the Ice Festival is the best experience in the frosty weather. It is annually organized by the locals at Khuvsgul , the purest and the deepest lake of Mongolia.

The Yak Festival

The yak festival is held in late August, in Bat-Ulzii sum, Ovorkhangai province. The programs in the event are fascinating to see: yak race, yak polo, rodeos and beauty contest.

The Tsagaan Sar

Tsagaan sar could be understood as the Mongolian lunar new year, held annually in February. It is the first day of the year according to the Mongolian lunisolar calendar which has been used for years. Tsagaan sar is a traditional holiday which brings families together in joyful atmosphere.

The Golden Eagle Festival

Hmm, using eagles for hunting? Yeah, you heard it right.

The Kazakh tribe,inhabiting in the west of Mongolia, is known for its unique culture of domesticating eagles and using them for hunting animals like foxes or hares.

The Camel Festival

One can not imagine Mongolian Gobi without its  main inhabitant- the Bactrian two humped camel. During the camel festival, many programs are organized such as camel race, camel polo, cultural performance like traditional songs and dances by the  local bands.

The Winter Horse Festival


The Winter Horse Festival is an eye opening experience that allows you to get an in-depth insight of Mongolian horse culture.  If you are a photographer, this is an ideal place to shoot Mongolian winter, the unique horsemanship and the local nomads in their beautiful traditional outfit, called the "deel".

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