Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur/ Blue Lake

The mongolian name of the lake is "Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur" which translates to the blue lake of black heart. Khar zurkh or black heart is the mountain lying on the north of the lake.

The blue lake is a fresh water lake at an altitude of 1675 meters above sea level.

According to the book "The secret history of Mongolia", Temujin was given the title Chingis Khan and claimed as the great khan of all Mongolia after reuniting the scattered Mongolian tribes.

on the 840th anniversary of the birth of Chingis khan, number of wooden sculptures were built near the lake, depicting Chingis khan along with his mother  Oulen and queen Borte and the following 36 royal kings after him.

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