Khugnu-Tarni National Park

Khugnu-Tarni National Park is located in Rashaant sum, Bulgan province. This area was taken under state protection in 1997. It offers amazing scenery with river, mountain, trees, and sand dunes all in one place. Wild animals like vulture, deer, foxes, hares, eagles, wolves and migratory birds like swans and cranes inhabit here. The Elsen Tasarhai is one of the main characteristics of the national park. Also known as the Semi-Gobi, it is part of the great Mongolian sand dunes, which extends about 80 km. Hiking or riding camel in here makes one feel like they are in the Gobi desert. In the northern side of the park, lies the impressive mountain range of Khugnu-Khan. These granite rock mountains can get as high as 2000m above sea level. There is a Buddhist temple in the mountain called Uvgun, built in 17th century by St.Zanabazar, the spiritual leader of Buddhism in Mongolia. During the controversial times of Western and Eastern Mongols (Khalkh and Zuungar) after the collapse of Mongolian Empire, the eastern Mongols were searching for its rival Zanabazar and came across the temple and killed the monks, tying their necks with ropes usually used for cattle like goats and sheep. This act is called Khugnuh in Mongolian vocabulary. So the origin of the mountain name was drawn from this story.

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