Khustai National Park

 The Khustai national park is located 100km to the west of the capital Ulaanbaatar. The national park has many birch trees thus named as Khustai Nuruu or the Birch Mountain range. Khustai National Park was mainly established to reintroduce the Mongolian wild horse "Takhi" which has gone extinct in 1950s and raise the number by providing healthy and safe ecological system. 

Khustai Park covers 50,000 hectars of land which is now home to many wild animals such as Mongolian gazelleroe deerwild boarwild sheepibexMongolian marmotsgrey wolvesEurasian lynxPallas catred foxcorsac fox and Eurasian badger, golden eaglelammergeiergreat bustardwhooper swanblack storkDaurian partridge and little owl

In 2002, the Man and the Biosphere Reserves organization of UNESCO certified the Hustai Natoinal park as a member of the world biosphere network of natural reserves. 

The park is run by the Hustai National Park Trust, which is supported by the Dutch government and the Mongolian Association for the Conservation of Nature and the Environment (MACNE).
Entrance fee is approx 12 USD. 

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