The Golden Eagle Tour 

Eagle hunting is an important piece of Mongolian and Kazakh culture.  Centuries ago, people started domesticating eagles to help them hunt animals like wolf, fox and hares. This tour  takes you not only to the Golden Eagle festival but also to many great destinations of central and west Mongolia such as Altai Tavan Bogd, Tsambagarav mountain etc. Please use the anchor on the right to navigate to booking, itinerary and more.







Day 1. Hustai National park & Semi Gobi

Drive to Hustai National Park to see the wild horses. Continue to Semi Gobi for camel or horseriding. Approx 280km driving

Day 2. Kharkhorin city

Drive to the ancient capital of The Great Mongolian Empire. Explore the sights. Stay at a ger camp. Approx 100km driving

Day 3-4. Khorgo-Terkh National Park

Drive to the national park to explore the volcanic craters and the white lake. 2 overnight stay in a ger. Approx 280km driving

Day 5. Telmen Lake

Drive to Telmen Lake

Day 6. Hyrgas Lake

Drive to Hyrgas Lake

Day 7. Uvs Lake and Ulaangom

Drive to Uvs lake and stay at a hotel in Ulaangom.

Day 8. Achit and Uureg Lakes

Drive to Achit and Uureg lakes.

Day 9. Ulgii town and Ulaankhus village

Drive past Ulgii and stay in Ulaankhus village.

Day 10-11. Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain

Drive to the great mountain range. explore the mountain area and glaciers.

Day 12. Tsambagarav Mountain

Drive to Tsambagarav mountain

Day 13-14. Golden Eagle Festival

Drive to Ulgii and experience the eagle fest. Stay in Ulgii.

Day 15. Khovd town

Drive to Khovd town, home of  many ethnic groups. Watch throat singing performance. Stay at local hotel.

Day 16. Ulaanbaatar

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar.


Services included

  • Guiding service

  • Accommodation- hotel, ger camp, tent

  • Entrance fee for protected national parks

  • Cultural show and museums

  • Meal B+L+D

  • Local flights

  • Sleeping bag



Not included

  • International flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Cost for optional activities

  • Excess baggage fee