The Nomadic Adventure


This is an extreme full package tour. Almost 60 percent of whole Mongolian destinations is included in this tour. Most people try south Mongolia and then decide to travel to north or central. But this tour takes you to all of the destinations smooth and safe in one stretch.  Get into real nomad lifestyle-no Wi-Fi and more concentration on nature. Use the anchor on the right to navigate to booking, itinerary and more.







Download full itinerary here:

Brief itinerary:

Day 1.           Tsagaan Suvarga

Day 2.           Yol valley

Day 3.           Khongor sand dunes

Day 4.           Bayanzag

Day 5.           Ongi Monastery

Day 6.           Orkhon Valley

Day 7.           Ulaantsutgalan Waterfall

Day 8.           Tsenkher hot springs

Day 9-10.     The Khorgo-Terkh N/Park

Day 11.         Shine-Ider village

Day 12.         Murun city

Day 13&16.   Darkhad valley

Day 14-15.   Tsaatan family/ Reindeer herders

Day 17-18.   The Khuvsgul Lake

Day 19.         Uran Togoo Volcano

Day 20.         Amarbaysgalant monastery

Day 21.         Ulaanbaatar


Services included

  • Guiding and driving service

  • Accommodation- family ger stays, ger camps, tent

  • Entrance fee for protected national parks

  • Cultural show and museums

  • Meal B+L+D

  • Drinking water

  • Sleeping bag

Not included

  • International flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Cost for optional activities

  • Excess baggage fee