The Silk Road

In addition to the destinations of Gobi, this 9 day tour takes you to Terelj National Park and to the ancient capital of Mongolian empire-Kharkhorin.  Kharkhorin is a city full of historical sites such as Erdene Zuu monastery, Turtle rocks, Kharkhorin musuem, excavated foundations and so on.

The tour covers the following destinations shown in cubes. Please click on the tiles to see the photos. Use the anchor on the right to navigate to booking, itinerary and more.







Download full itinerary here:

Brief itinerary:

Day 1.      Terelj National Park

Day 2.      Tsagaan Suvarga

Day 3.      Yol valley

Day 4.      Khongor sand dunes

Day 5.      Bayanzag  

Day 6.      Ongi Monastery

Day 7.      Kharkhorin city

Day 8.      Khugnu-Tarni National Park

Day 9.      Ulaanbaatar

Services included

  • Guiding and driving service

  • Accommodation- family ger stays, ger camps, tent

  • Entrance fee for protected national parks

  • Cultural show and museums

  • Meal B+L+D

  • Drinking water

  • Sleeping bag

Not included

  • International flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Cost for optional activities

  • Excess baggage fee