The Tsaatan Tribe

The Tsaatan tribe is one of the least populated ethnic groups of Mongolia.

The tsaatans dwell in the territory of  Renchin-Lkhumbe,Tsagaan-Nuur sum, more specifically in the Siberian Taiga, close to  the border of Mongolia and the  Republic of Tuva.

Nowadays, there are  80 Tsaatan families with over 1500 domesticated reindeer.

The Tsaatans use reindeer for its milk, fure, meat, and as transportation. They live in tepees and move frequently searching for good pasture for the reindeer. The living standard of the Tsaatans was so low in the past that the population almost went extinct. However, tourism and government support had brought the light back to the hearts of Tsaatans. Now they earn money by hosting tourists, making carvings out of reindeer antlers etc.

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