The White Stupa/ Tsagaan Suvarga

The Tsagaan suvarga, located in Ulziit, Dund-Gobi province, is a massive scarp that once was a seabed featuring sedimentary structures. The different minerals on its surface make this place a very colorful site. It is also believed that the timeline of Tsagaan Suvarga’s history can be identified through its colored layers in the cliffs.

The name “Tsagaan Suvarga” translates into “White Stupa”- a commemorative Buddhist monument usually housing sacred relics associated with Buddha, saintly persons, and the nature. Thus, Mongolians gave the name “Tsagaan Suvarga” to this place, symbolizing its sacredness.

The cliffs are about 30-60 meters high and over 400 meters wide. The unique rock formation look like ruins of an ancient city from a certain distance.

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