Tuvkhun temple

The Tuvkhun  monastery is located at the border of Bat-Ulzii and Tsenkher sums of Uvurkhangai and Arkhangai provinces.

in 1654 ,The Saint Zanabasar, the first Buddhist leader of Mongolia, has ordered to build Tuvkhun as his creation and meditation place in the densely forested mountain Shiree, 2000m above sea level. There are several temples such as chanting temple meditation temple, and few caves such as the mother's womb, baby cradle. It is believed that ones sins are washed away and his soul is reborn after getting into the mother's womb cave and coming out. The longer it takes to get out of the cave, the more sins you have involved.Then the next step is to go to the baby cradle after the rebirth. Hiking to rocky hills and looking at the stunning beauty of wild nature in surrounding areas will make you refreshed and enthusiastic.

Note: bring good hiking shoes as it is usually muddy after rain. Mosquito repellents are highly recommended.

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