Uran Togoo Volcano

Part of the Uran Togoo-Tulga Uul natural monument, Uran Togoo is an old volcano located in Khutag Ondor sum, Bulgan province (approx. 600km away from the capital Ulaanbaatar). Uran means "artistic" in Mongolian, referring the perfect round shape of the crater as if it was made by a craftsman. At the top of the Uran volcano, there is a small lake about 20m wide and 1.5 deep. The water is shrinking every year due to global warming and recent lack of rainfall. Uran Togoo is 1688m above sea level.

The Uran, Tulga and Jalavch are all remnant of an extinct strato volcano formed between about 20-25 thousands years ago. The Tulga and Jalavch volcanoes are 12km to the south of Uran. Because the shapes of the volcanoes resemble Mongolian traditional cooking utensils they named them like Tulga-means tripod, jalavch-small pot, Togoo-cauldron.

The Volcano has breeding populations of various birds: grouse, sparrow, owl, falcon, cuckoo and hoopoe. Deer, argali sheep, roe deer, wild boar, wild goat, marmot, gopher, steppe rabbit live here. Snake is very common

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